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Trump, Brexit and the Imp of the Perverse

I grew up in a period when politics was boring: the era of the ‘great moderation’ and the ‘end of history’. A time when all the politicians looked and sounded the same, and had a similar acceptance of capitalism, globalisation and the welfare state. With Donald Trump settling into the White House and the UK […]

the ‘fit to work’ test: Another argument for the basic income?

Regardless of how many people it has or hasn’t killed, the UK government’s ‘fit to work’ test is clearly pretty nasty. Work Capability Assessments (WCA), as they are formally known, assess eligibility for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), the main state benefit for those out of work through disability. The tactlessness with which these tests […]

budget 2015: george osborne turns against bullshit jobs?

On most accounts, George Osborne’s greatest success as British Chancellor has been overseeing a dramatic decline in unemployment, while his greatest failure has been the stagnation of productivity. Many have argued that these two phenomena are linked, with Osborne himself suggesting there is a trade-off: Mr Osborne said one of the side-effects of Britain’s stellar […]