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On the ‘moral’ objection to a basic income: are humans ‘hard wired’ to work?

The Conservative MP Nick Boles generated some headlines before Christmas for his denunciation of a universal basic income: the increasingly fashionable proposal that all citizens should receive a fixed cash benefit from the government. His argument is fairly glib (I have to wonder if he genuinely believes he’s satisfactorily dealt with the issue in just […]

The utopian promise of video games

On one account, what has gone wrong in the past 80 years is a story of materialistic greed. Back in 1930, John Maynard Keynes sketched out a utopian vision of the 21st century economy. He predicted that economic growth would be sufficient to satisfy all our wants, so that people would only need to work […]

budget 2015: george osborne turns against bullshit jobs?

On most accounts, George Osborne’s greatest success as British Chancellor has been overseeing a dramatic decline in unemployment, while his greatest failure has been the stagnation of productivity. Many have argued that these two phenomena are linked, with Osborne himself suggesting there is a trade-off: Mr Osborne said one of the side-effects of Britain’s stellar […]