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Are multi-buy discount bans paternalistic?

In recent months, both the central UK Government at Westminster, and the Scottish Government have released strategic plans for addressing obesity. In both cases, among the measures being considered is a ban on multi-buy discounts for unhealthy foods and drinks, such as  confectionery, crisps, cakes and sugary sodas. This would outlaw price promotions that offer […]

The tragedy of Robert Enke

I have just finished A Life Too Short, Ronald Reng’s biography of Robert Enke, the German international goalkeeper who stunned the world of football by committing suicide in 2009, aged 32. It is the best book I have read all year – movingly written, with the pacing of a novel, a powerful, claustrophobic insight into […]

Privatised Healthcare: What Would We Lose?

  Contrasting the different challenges facing British and American healthcare, Janet Daley attacks the “anachronistic and unsatisfactory” arrangement of a “state-owned-and-run monopoly of medical provision”. This throws up a number of obvious issues around the equity, efficiency and sustainability of these different models. But even aside from the questions of whether state run healthcare is […]