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Why do people need to ban chlorinated chicken?

Here’s a question, amid the slightly odd political row about whether Britain should allow the import of ‘chlorine-washed chicken from the US: if people hate chlorinated chicken, why do they need to ban it? Why can’t they just not buy it themselves? According to the Adam Smith Institute (ASI), permitting the American practice of washing […]

Trump, Brexit and the Imp of the Perverse

I grew up in a period when politics was boring: the era of the ‘great moderation’ and the ‘end of history’. A time when all the politicians looked and sounded the same, and had a similar acceptance of capitalism, globalisation and the welfare state. With Donald Trump settling into the White House and the UK […]

Minimum Unit Alcohol Pricing and the case against the EU

*Full disclosure: I work for an organisation that is in favour of minimum unit pricing, but am writing here entirely in a personal capacity* Sam Bowman of the Adam Smith Institute thinks it’s a joke that anybody might take the European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) ruling on the Scottish Government’s policy of a minimum unit […]