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The Global Rich: Creators or Predators?

Branko Milanovic (the guru of global inequality) has made the intriguing suggestion that someone should seek to quantify the extent to which multi-billionaires acquired their wealth through socially valuable activities. He suggests that we should take the top 1,500 billionaires in the world and rate each on the extent to which their wealth was “acquired […]

Is it worse to be poor in India or in Britain?

According the Economist, Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, believes it is worse to be on benefits in the UK than poor in India “because at least everyone else there is poor too”.* Is she right? A useful starting point is to distinguish between goods that depend on a person’s […]

Global Inequality is Falling. So What?

Cross-posted from Carnegie Ethics Online Concern about inequality has been at a recent high, particularly since the publication of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century—a book that has been described as “marshaling the evidence that 21st-century capitalism is on a one-way journey towards inequality.” Yet there is an ambiguity at the heart of recent research on inequality. […]

UKIP or the Greens: Who are really saying the unsayable?

Amidst their recent popularity, the United Kingdom Independence Party has tried to encourage the perception that they stand outside the established political consensus, offering arguments and perspectives neglected by mainstream political debate. This of course, is at odds with the fact that support for most UKIP policies can be found in the mainstream rightwing press […]

What does people analytics mean for social justice?

  2013 has seen growing interest in the idea of ‘people analytics’ – informally described as the application of ‘Moneyball’ to corporate HR, but more formally defined as the use of predictive statistical analysis to inform the recruitment and assessment in workers. Just as sports teams are increasingly attuned to the power of statistics in […]