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Bentham, rationalism and conservatism

I came across this piece by Rikk Hill on Jeremy Bentham today, and just wanted to repost it in full, alongside some of my own thoughts, because it’s excellent: I’d like to talk a little bit about moral philosopher Jeremy Bentham, and why he has a weird level of celebrity status among people who think […]

The contradictions of Tory ideology: immigration and red tape

In the past few weeks, I moved house for the first time since 2012 and registered as a university student for the first time since 2007. Both were significantly more painful processes than the last time round. In both cases, this was in large part down to Theresa May’s immigration regulations, which are set to […]

We’ll miss him now he’s gone: in defence of David Cameron

I thought I had longer to write this – that’s why it is a little late. But politics moves too quickly for all of us these days. Last Monday morning David Cameron believed he had another two months as British Prime Minister; in fact he had barely two days. It seems unlikely he will be […]