Review of Dreamers

I’ve written a review of Dreamers by Snigdha Poonam for the LSE Review of Books. It’s a fascinating and important book, so I’ve had a go at drawing out some of its political implications in the review:

Each chapter in Dreamers profiles a different segment of India’s youth: behind the scenes at a Buzzfeed-style website producing viral content for American readers, getting to know small-town English language coaches-cum-motivational speakers, following student politicians and investigating the world of telemarketing scammers. Poonam’s portraits are vividly drawn, sympathetic and fascinating in their own right. However, Poonam wants to argue that there are a common set of experiences uniting her subjects and many young people in India today: a frustration with their lot in life, a conviction that they were made for better things and a burning hunger to stand out against the mass of their peers.

You can read the full piece here:


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